E.g. 1 Sydney rental yields at new low


Investors in Australia’s two largest residential property markets are getting the lowest rental yields in the country (Australian 3/1/2020)


it is a real fact or a real figure that even when a rental property is fully paid off the net return on average after 2% to 3% net expenses is a very average net 2%.


Yes you may achieve more net yield' in certain localities but generally that is due to much less anticipated 'growth'.


Then, of course, when sold a rental property attracts CGT.


E.g. 2 And from my working bank account yesterday I read


This is the rate you currently earn on balances greater than zero.


This rate includes any bonus rate that may be applicable to this account.


Current interest rate 0.01% p.a.


Yes, there are better APPROVED options if we want a better income & more fun in 2020.


E.g. if you are one of the 76% of retirees on a pension then optimising a portfolio with a small % into a guaranteed lifetime income stream is worth considering as it is discounted by 40% to age 84.


E.g. a *** Non share based income stream with a 7 day withdraw notice received a net rate of return equivalent to 3.96% p.a for the month of November 2019


E.g. ***monthly Income Trust received a net rate of return equivalent to 7.12% p.a for the month of November 2019.


E.g the ***8 12 Month Term Account will move to 4.90% p.a.


or E.g. from a client's share based growth portfolio yesterday the income varied from 4% to 10% over the last year. The net return including growth for the portfolio was 16% for the year.


These examples are for non super as everyone needs a portfolio outside super.


Yes, so many options to help you have an amazing fun 2020 with more income for a better lifestyle.


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John McAuliffe


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