Financial Planning

Good practice with money management in today’s tough and challenging economic times is essential - whether you are single or have a family.

Good Financial Planning will combine several money management strategies in an overall budget designed to mitigate future potential for financial risk while ensuring your wealth and freedom options continue to grow in years to come.

We Coach Wealth™ understands individual and family financial challenges. John McAuliffe provides comprehensive, personally-tailored advice to help Australian individuals and families identify their financial planning needs and what they can do in order to achieve the financial results and life goals they strive for.

A comprehensive financial planning strategy for an individual or family will budget for financial goals alongside risk management, savings, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning and investment.

Budget & Savings Planning

Saving isn’t easy. But it’s essential.

Budget and savings plans are a good idea for a wide range of personal lifestyle choices and everyday demands. Learning to be a regular saver is paramount towards getting your finances sorted and reaching those specific goals you want, like a new house or a holiday.

One of the biggest challenges people face is when they haven’t managed to saving for essential things like retirement or even emergencies. It's a good idea to save some money to have put aside for emergencies. You never know when you might need it…

John will inform you about the power of compound interest combined with other saving strategies such as adjusting for inflation to help your money work better for you, where a little can turn into a lot over time.

Manage Your Tax

John can also incorporate tax planning into your general financial planning and refer you to our preferred tax panel. They offer a variety of services including individual income tax return preparation, small business taxation and advice, financial statement preparation, salary packaging, BAS preparation, and tax planning.

Retirement Planning

Start planning now! Even if your retirement is a long way off you may have a particular retirement lifestyle in mind. You need to ensure your finances will allow you to achieve it.

Making sure your retirement savings stretch to cover your retirement plans will help provide peace of mind now and in the future. Advances in medical science and quality of life mean although you may contemplate retiring at 55, you may have at least another 30 years to live.

The financial decisions you make today can have a major affect on your lifestyle in the future. 

John provides services that will allow you to:

  • Make a plan and review it regularly, or whenever your financial circumstances change
  • Make decisions that will be able support a budget
  • Calculate how much your retirement is going to cost via budget calculators.
  • Manage sources of income – now and in retirement
  • Learn what pension allowances that may be be factored-in

To learn more about how We Coach Wealth™ can improve your financial position through financial planning, contact us using our online Contact Form to discuss your needs and arrange a meeting.


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