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Are you one of the 35%??

Are you one of the 35%

Life Insurance has announced they will be offering a discount on lump sum covers for new retail customers who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) within a certain range, as part of its new Incentive.

The lifetime discount of 7.5 per cent on annual premiums for new lump sum covers will apply to customers with a BMI between 18.5 and 28.5 and to products regarding Life Cover, TPD and Critical Illness.

“Our data shows by attracting healthier customers who are less likely to claim, we can help keep premiums more affordable and stable in the long term.”
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Is there are better alternative to saving 600K in super or rental property?

Very simply a 600,000 rental property all paid off takes time, tenants &  too much stress
and Super is not super as again it takes many years depending on earning rates, how must you invest & yes the net returns & finally will Government change the rules because they can. Read more ...

you’ll eventually spend more in dealing with the consequences of poor health

Even if you do spend less today by not exercising or eating right, you’ll eventually spend more in dealing with the consequences of poor health.
These costs will include a greater need for medications, doctor visits, and medical procedures, as well as higher health and life insurance premiums.
As just one example, diabetes, one of the more preventable illnesses, can cost thousands of dollars a year.
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