I have just enjoyed a seminar entitled downsizing & rightsizing was introduced.

 It was a seminar for all those who are downsizing but in particular those who may be looking at retirement villages, aged care & that later chapter in our lives.

The presentation was presented by Leah & Clarissa from Care to Move

They only started two years ago. They both had been nurses & that is a great comfort as they by definition are carers  by natural & training.

They very definitely have found a niche business.

It was all about letting go of the stuff that holds us down.


Yes not to leave this move until it is too late.

Hence they created an ideal time frame of 12 months with objectives to achieve .

Not the too frequent 12 days & in particular over the Christmas period.

So what do we do with the old books, or the old paint tins in the man shed  or the special diner set or the mattress or the photos or…….

How do we sort out the wardrobe?

Each item & a solution was expanded on .

Maybe to the auction house or Gumtree or a charity or different Facebook groups.

Specialist websites for valuing your collection.

Realistic advice that that furniture isn’t worth as much as you would hope.

What to do with the grown up children stuff which is still stored at home

Not an easy time for all of us as very emotional.

A 3rd opinion helps.

A spring clean my mother would say.

I will rightsize some stuff today as it is the end of the year.

The family had great joy in rightsizing last years’ text & piano books.

Only today Frances* said ‘getting rid of crap’.

Refreshing & rejuvenating.

Rightsizing is releasing.

What do we do with the perhaps released equity?

Surplus equity in the bank earns very little with current term deposit rates

and as an alternative there is

From 1 July 2018, if you are 65 years old or older and meet the eligibility requirements, you may be able to choose to make a downsizer contribution into your superannuation of up to $300,000 from the proceeds of selling your home.

Downsizer contributions are not tax deductible and will be taken into account for determining eligibility for the age pension. (ATO, Downsizing contributions into superannuation,2019)

Yes there is a right size & a downside to downsizing.

Yes sir.

John McAuliffe

John Michael McAuliffe AFA, DipFp., BSc., DipTeach.

John is a Premier Wealth Coach & Financial Strategist. John McAuliffe Authorised Representative No.238629 of The Financial Link Group Pty Ltd