How to have more super?

At a recent professional development day I heard that everyone wants to have more super.

And it was also stated that our goal was to have no one relying on government although 76% on retirement do so.

So there are several legislated options available.
e.g.  maximise taxx deductible contributions currently 25,000p.a.

or a Non deductible contribution to $100,000 per year.*

or ‘downsizing’ where you can release your equity up to 300k each into your super provided you are over 65 & owned your house for 10 years to summarise a few conditions*.

This is very relevant if you are ‘asset rich income poor’ & your lifestyle is limited by the part or nil pension.

However another solution to the usual variables of life is why not play at work for longer & work at play.

Lets consider ‘the rule of 72’

If as many current assumptions are your fund has income 4%  & growth 5%  then 72/9 means it will double in 8 years.

If as suggested  ‘5pc super returns ‘the new normal’  
Super fund members need to forget about the high investment returns of recent years, says this industry chief. (Australian 7/11/19)

then it will take longer & 14 years.

But does that mean working full-time?

The so called ‘work test’  ‘ you must work at least 40 hours during a consecutive 30-day period each financial year’ *

The big variable is our health.

What am I doing about it?

A benchmark science rated #1

PM now for the solution using maybe those above ideas to your problem .


John Michael McAuliffe AFA, DipFp., BSc., DipTeach.

John is a Premier Wealth Coach & Financial Strategist. John McAuliffe Authorised Representative No.238629 of The Financial Link Group Pty Ltd