as only in this last 1 hour i chatted with a man who sadly lost his wife earlier this year & still not resolved with the Public trustee

& he  estimates the  cost closer to 10k & not the 7k they estimate
Lets save time & stress later by actioning today
here is the link to do from your couch this w/e and estate specialists selected as best in class in the state

Ps 2 stage bank verification for your security

and we have a barrister client who only deals in disputed estates

he doesn't need yours


2.  We have just had a call from a sparkie who wants some income protection.


Sadly he has had epileptic seizures & spend a couple of weeks in hospital.

He says that Centrelink won't touch him as he earns too much & he says he can't access his super.

He has no funds in his bank account as he posted he has a new bike although that no doubt has a story to it.

Yes we can ask for pre- assessment for his income protection from a number of companies but IMHO they wont take the bet on.

ie uninsurable.

ie he is too late & sadly he also mentioned the hospital has given him two years.

How does he met his rent, meals, business costs meantime?

Contact today if you want to move forward & not stay where you are

Get the Christmas 'jocks & socks' or ' bra & panties' before its too late.

And he is a very good sparkie who upgraded our switchboard which is why we had to write this post.

yes i do have other ideas for him but it isn't income protection or even life cover because he is too late


John Michael McAuliffe AFA, DipFp., BSc., DipTeach.