What they dont tell you!!

We are currently in the actioning of a financial plan which means to act in his best interest we need to know exactly what the client has today.

He does have a very good Income protection & life cover placed by another adviser.

All very good & it retains cover when cashflow is sad during the not uncommon months of unemployment.

However it is drawn 90% from his equity in his super which means a lot less in retirement capital.

It is a stepped premium which 90% of premiums are & means when he may need it most the premium will will be very expensive. He may drop it for being too dear say in early 60s. Divorce sadly often takes a 50% chunk of it also.

As he has now separated & that is also sadly common then the taxx to his beneficiary children after age 18 can be ridiculous.

Certainly details to be considered in the advice.

His current policy is an agreed plan which is very good but with the above buts.

These details need to be addressed now with alternative solutions

where will you be in 5 years time?


John Michael McAuliffe AFA, DipFp., BSc., DipTeach.