A 50,000 fee?

We met David for the first time this week & he mentioned that 12 years ago  he had had a worker’s compensation claim.

The accident occurred at work whilst sharing an 80Kg load with one other.

 As he was the taller of the two & they went some distance then the following day the back pain started.

A sneaky taxx was the phrase we heard yesterday at our Professional development day.

Let’s provide a very simple example.

Over those long ago Christmas holidays we had the car windscreen cracked & it needed to be replaced.

After some research we found Jason who was able to replace it for less than the car insurance.

However with the old window out went the little ticket that Greg our mechanic sticks onto the windscreen.

This is a little nudge to remind us that it is time for the car to be ‘reviewed’ again.

It was on the school run that we heard that someone was 104 today.

So the family comments ‘ they must have been alive in WW1.’

Yes & some would have been your age that went of to WW1.

Did they return &.I reflect on how I would be if that  tragedy was to occur to us.

Is it what I really want that I have multiple connections out there on the net & yet I haven’t actually meet some of them?

This weekend I meet a local couple who after a recent introduction I had multiple online correspondences with.

I have an idea  about them & now after meeting them we both have for certain  a different  &  more positive & trusting opinion of each other.

As my father taught maths for 40 years then as others do I followed in his footsteps. I did teach high school maths for 13 years as I traveled & taught in 4 countries.

As many teachers do I wondered what it would be like working in another field.

I plunged into financial services which those days meant a manual rate book & my first sale was a 100K life & TPD cover & the premium was 33P.m. & fortunately the client Michael didn't need the cover which he kept for 20 years.

The best years in my life have been in the last 15 years as I have been the limousine driver for the family & dropped them off & picked them up most days of the week.

This has given us all to have great chats both ways as we are sitting side by side talking from the serious to the ridiculous.

I am also harking back now to our maths teaching & helping the family with their maths study when asked. The basics haven't changed & we all feel good when a small or big answer is found.

So for 34 years I have been sitting side by side with clients & assisting them solving their financial problems incrementally. I have over the last few years been helping them with a simple test.

'What would i do if it was my financial problem'?

Yes we are a very small business & so we like to look after the little guy as i am one. i have always been non aligned which is aligned to my political views of non aligned and libertarian. note our dealer is not owned by any institution & we avoid all the big boys whenever possible.

I still enjoy teaching & every teacher wants their student to pass.

Yes more often.

Ps Our 'wellness' is a core belief of ours as great health is a core need for all.

  1. Today I had Norman* a client who originally was the technician for our printer 30 years ago who called to say he would like to increase his investments by 300p.m.

Now I do know his circumstances as I should as he sends in his regular cashflow sheets, he has two teenagers & his wife works only on the weekends in aged care as she is a nurse.  

This morning somehow I watched the last round of the Masters golf.

Why I don’t know but maybe because of other golf tragics who I know do & hence maybe I should.

So we watched  Patrick Reed holds off epic final-round US Masters charges by Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler to win by a single stroke’.

Although it is 30C + here today the choice is do I listen to the piano lesson or do I jog?

If I jog then let’s do a different direction.

Lets jog around Yeronga Memorial park.                           

Hello again Mark and Naomi,


Below are contact details for John McAuliffe (phone 07 3848 1088), to whom I regularly refer my General Insurance clients who want to have their Life Insurance, Personal Superannuation or Income Protection Insurance (Accident/Sickness) needs reviewed.


Also, John is a General Insurance client of mine and has been for many years. John frequently refers his clients to me, and I have been referring my clients to John for almost twenty years now.


I have the utmost faith in John's professionalism, business knowledge and general honesty and trustfulness.


It has been so hot here that the beach or the shopping centre  didn’t appeal.

So I took to the couch & watched the The PyeongChang Winter Games over the whole weekend with a beer.


John Michael McAuliffe AFA, DipFp., BSc., DipTeach.