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Words dont fail me.

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John McAuliffe
Bad news comes in THREES for retirees & those 700 who will retire today.

1. Retirees hit as term deposit rates tumble.

The reserve Bank has lowered its rates to the banks & so keeping your money in the bank is a MUCH less attractive option.🔦🔦🔦👂👂


ANZ takes from both ends

ANZ cut deposit rates by up to 25bp on the same day it failed to pass on the RBA cut in full

and i just read this today after the recent election.

Only this week I had an appointment with a son whose mother was moving into an aged care residence.

As she had a large amount of money in the bank then it actually reduced her pension income by about 2000 p.a which is almost a 10 % reduction.

 There are so many of you who have funds in the bank that could be optimised elsewhere.

There is some good news & yes some bad news.


I read this week that

Australia’s central bank to adopt QE

The risk of a credit crunch is real and rising and with the housing market now falling sharply, and economic data deteriorating, Australia’s central bank signalled it will slash rates twice this year.

help you to have the Money you deserve when you retire by modelling what can be achieved on the calculators available.


As there are 700 people retiring today & maybe 100 per day in Queensland then this could be you today or shortly or you have.


As the government, because it can, is tightening up those ‘Centrelink’ or Department of Human Services parameters then you may want to optimise what you are entitled to.


The rules change on 1st July this year & usually each July after.

Does this or will this affect you or your family🤔🤔🤔🤔

Pre-1 July 2019 income test application of a lifetime income stream

There exists an opportunity before 1 July 2019 for income tested Age Pension recipients, or assets tested Age Pension recipients likely to become income tested at some time, to utilise the current means test assessment of lifetime income streams.

For these clients, and where appropriate, commencing a lifetime income stream before 1 July 2019 can provide improved Age Pension outcomes due to what is generally seen as the more favourable income test assessment available under the current means test rules

Can Your Children Answer These 8 Estate Plan Questions?


Estate Plan Questions

#1:  What are the details of your durable power of attorney and advance medical directive?

If you are like I am in those Downshifting Cruisers or InBetween years then Optimising your resources when there are so many rule changes & rates are low make absolute sense.

I read in the Australian today that ‘more Australians are transitioning into retirement over a few years, with more working past the age of 65.’

I can relate to that & there are some reasons why I do.

Aged care workshop                                                              

Dear John

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop. Please arrive at 8.15am for a 8.30am start.

How to avoid a hard landing if I lose my franking credits?

That has been bothering me for sometime then I thought that I needed reminded on why they are so valuable to all those in a low tax bracket.

It all depends on the marginal taxx rates that I am on.

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